Insurance & Self Insureds

   Our Experience in Insurance

  • Our team at BP Lawyers has work extensively with insurer's for almost 2 decades. Our experience for many years was part of dedicated insurance teams forming part of large law firms, providing panel legal support on all aspects of claims, policy advice, indemnity and FOS disputes.

  • We have experience at almost all claim types and run numerous successful court actions on behalf of our clients, covering issues such as, property damage, large and small, flood, water claims, fire, theft, fraud, personal injury, construction, building and comprehensive indemnity advice. We doubt there is an event we have not covered.

  • Creating BP Lawyers has enabled us to draw on that experience and now tailor our services to suit our clients. We are best placed to provide singularly tailored services to meet and exceed our clients goals and expectations.

  • No one is a number at BP Lawyers.

  •  We have also spent many years supporting self insured businesses, assisting them in limiting their loss and exposure and recovering from third parties where appropriate.

  • We understand at BP Lawyers that costs and results are key for any business and we believe that testimony to our success in providing client's exactly what they need, is the fact that many of our corporate client's have stayed with us for years.

  • Insurance is vital to running commercial enterprise. As is the efficient and effective management of claims, whether on indemnity, or recovery against an at fault party, is vital to insurers and insureds.

  • BP Lawyers recognise that our clients are focused on results and come to us to resolve their insurance problems. We know that our clients require the best possible resolution to their claims in the shortest possible timeframe and BP Lawyers provide the best possible service as possible. We assist our clients by working with them and aiding them to obtain the best possible resolution of claims. 

  • At BP Lawyers we have a specialised team that deals with large, complex claims and high volume smaller matters. We run all actions across Australia, in all Courts and all Jurisdictions. We have run thousands of matters in the Lower Courts throughout Australia and successfully defended several Appeals in the Higher Courts.

   Why Choose BP Lawyers? 

  • Quite simply, because we are very good at what we do.

  • Our clients choose BP Lawyers because of our insurance savvy. We know insurance. Our legal expertise is built on years of providing legal advice to clients in an insurance context. So, our knowledge and expertise of insurance is second to none.

  • We are claims and technologically savvy. We utilise our systems and those of our clients to provide our clients with the best possible legal services that efficiently resolve claims favorably. As a result, we can manage a high volume of legal and litigation work on your behalf. Further, our clients are fully informed and able to track the course of claims. We are also committed to continuing to upgrade our systems and use of technology to make the provision of our services easier and better.

  • We don’t just know the law, we focus on what is in our client’s interests. We have an eye to our client’s broader commercial interests and work with clients to achieve best outcomes.

  • BP Lawyers can resolve your insurance issue. Not only that, BP Lawyers can provide you with advice as to how to prevent disputes in the future and streamline the claims process.

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